COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

You’re likely aware of the public health concerns due to the outbreak of coronavirus disease or COVID-19 (coronavirus), a newly identified respiratory virus that can spread easily. It shares symptoms with influenza, including fever, cough, and shortness of breath or difficulty breathing but it’s treated differently.

Here’s some important information about receiving health care in the upcoming weeks:

What To Do

If you are showing any sign of the possible COVID-19 symptoms, please contact your health care provider here at theCLINICS. Your provider or a nurse may direct you to our dedicated COVID-19 Help Line. If you meet criteria, you may be directed to come in for testing.  If so, you will call from your vehicle and we will come to you for collection.

If you have an existing appointment in the next few weeks please answer these questions.

1.         Do you have a fever, cough and/or difficulty breathing?

2.         Have you recently traveled internationally?  If yes does that include: China, Italy, South Korea, Iran, Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland, Norway or Japan?

3.         Have you been in close contact with someone known to be positive with the coronavirus?

If your answer is NO to the above questions it is doubtful that current symptoms are due to the COVID-19 virus and you can come in as usual.

If your answer is YES to the above questions, then stay at home, please. You will need to talk to your healthcare provider’s staff on our dedicated COVID-19 Help Line. Our staff will return your call and arrange “drive-thru” testing or a visit via your cellphone or computer.  This is known as telemedicine.

What NOT To Do

We’re committed to everyone’s safety. This virus spreads rapidly. Help us minimize potential exposure to other patients by not coming into the clinic to be tested without calling first.

Check your symptoms. Click the link below.

Coronavirus Checker

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